About us

Trones Eye is a family-run accommodation venue for those who want an overnight glamping experience out of the ordinary.

Glass igloo glamping

Trones Eye is a glass igloo standing by the fjord on the outskirts of Trones golf course and Trones Farm in Verdal, Trøndelag. The modern architechure brick builidings at Trones Farm are protected, and the area is surrounded by close to 100 burial mounds.

The igloo is made of glass and offers 360° views. The igloo is equipped with sunscreen to maintain privacy and prevent over heating.

The igloo accommodates 4 overnight guests, two in double king size bed and two in single guest beds. Happy glamping!

The viking battle ground of Stiklestad

The region is characterised by Viking history, and only a few kilometers south is Stiklestad where one of history’s most important viking battles took place in 1030.

King Olav Haraldsson fell in the battle at Stiklestad and was later sanctified as St. Olav. Today there is a viking museum, a folk museum and the national center for culture at Stiklestad. Read more on www.stiklestad.no

Vikings at Stiklestad

Hike and bike

While staying at Trones Eye there are many possibilities for hiking and biking

Plan at trip on one of the nice walking paths on the edge of the golf course, or rent a bike and experience the riverside trail from Trones to Verdal.

There are several marked hiking trails nearby, such as “Gamle kongeveg” – the old kings road, a historic hiking trail with roots back in the Viking history.

Bicycles can be rented at the tourist office and brought to Trones Eye on request.

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