Escape into the nature

..‘getting away from it all’ means just that, particularly when you’re staying in a glass-panelled hut… we find ourselves totally at one with nature on the ultimate immersive escape.

– Tom Powell, Escapism Magazine
The 72 Hour Cabin case study

One of our main means of setting up Trones Eye is to let people escape from the every day life. To really experience the “close to nature” lifestyle. A team of leading researchers in the field of stress, did a study on the health effects of living close to nature – the 72 hour cabin.

The 72 hour cabin

Scandinavian quality of life is famously high-ranking. What’s the secret? A new case-study reveals significant health effects of the Scandinavian “close to nature” lifestyle – with a stress decrease of 70 percent after only 72 hours leaving in a glass hut. Read more about the case study here.

Escape from your everyday life and stress down. Spend 24h, 48h, 72h or as long as you want at Trones Eye.

There will be an additional cost for more than 2 persons. Check out Airbnb for more prices.

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